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How Proper Ventilation in Your Attic Can Protect Your Roof – The Buy Me Blog

Does stems work? The video below answers the query! Watch and read on to know more.

In this short video, an attic’s ventilation system is broken down. Attic ventilation means an attic ventilation system that allows for all-year-round airflow. It is important to have a proper flow of air in order to prevent premature roof failure and damage to shingle. In the winter, you can experience moist warm dry air from routine things like cleaning and cooking in your attic. The water vapor can’t escape without constant outside air flow. Water vapour trapped in the roof and the interior-generated moisture cannot escape, which can lead to mildew and wood decay as well as damp insulation. The problem is compounded by being aware that warm atmosphere trapped underneath the roof deck could cause the problem of moisture.

In cold climates, the attic will often be hotter than the outdoor temperature, leading that snow to melt. The melting snow is then transported through the gutters which is where it gets frozen and forms an frozen dam. Damage to the gutters, insulation or shingles can result.

Vented roofs are crucial for the overall longevity of your roof. If you have any questions or issues call a local roofing firm today. 1ihkjwephq.

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