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Draperies and the Importance of Fullness – House Killer

The materials, sizes, and sizes of draperies are overwhelming when you’re in the time of designing a fresh room. The right draperies for your area can be determined on the basis of a number of factors. The color selection will be influenced by the dimension and the location of windows. Some shades are lighter and more appealing depending on the amount of lighting you are looking for. It allows the space to be flooded with sunlight in summer. A different aspect to think about is the amount of fullness you’re seeking in your draperies. This video offers a brief outline of the concept of depth.

As you can see, fullness is the number of folds can be found in the drapery, as well as how much of the window is covered at all times, even with the draperies pulled. The choice of more full or less full is purely dependent on the room designer, so there’s not a definitive answer to the question of fullness. Don’t forget to also consider colors as well. If your color is more intense, then your decor will provide a light accent and you don’t want to clash with interior decor.


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