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Letting You in on a Little Secret of Proper Lawn Care – NC Pool Supply

They will learn and follow the correct lawn care practices to maintain a green healthy, beautiful and beautiful lawn in the coming years. Check out the video below for more details. Though lawn maintenance is easy however, it can be a challenge. The following are the key ingredients to good lawn care.
1. Mow High

The taller the lawn, the crucial element in a beautiful, lush lawn. The higher-growing grass stores much more moisture and shades roots more effectively than shorter grass. When summer temperatures are hot it requires less water. It also stays more green into autumn. Additionally, taller grass can establish deep roots which help protect the grass against drought and disease. It is not recommended to mow your lawn at a rate of more than 1/3 its blades of grass at the same time.

2. Keep Focused

Make sure the blades of your mowers tidy. A second tip is to make sure your mower blades sharp. The dull blades could result in damage to lawn, and also brown tips. Call your house to get more information!


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