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Important Legal Terms in Family Law – Legal Terms Dictionary

There are many things that can be said about can be confusing to understand. A knowledgeable family lawyer will guide you through the maze as well as provide you with clarity. This video provides important family law terms you need to know.

The same thing is an action, petitioner, or complaint. Petitioners, also known as plaintiffs, give their motion. Whoever receives this petition is called the person who is the respondent or defendant. The defendant has to reply to the request or motion in time to avoid legal sanctions.

The discovery phase begins when the person who responds to your petition. This is where the two parties share information from one another as well as using attorneys to develop their argument. The length of the phase will be determined by the quantity of questions that have to be worked through and the normal timelines in the area of law.

If you and your other partner reach an agreement, then an agreement judgment will be filed for court approval. It will outline all of the agreement that the parties reached, and the judge will approve it. For more information take a look at the video in the link above.


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