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Avoid Making These Mistakes in Family Court – Legal News Letter

There are many issues to consider, from legal separation to custody questions. Did you not know that, in February 2020, more than 2,500 exonerations have been declared on the National Registry of exonerations? If you’re in the middle of a child custody battle it’s important to think about the most important things that could prevent you from winning the odds in your fight.

The mistakes that people make over and again are something divorce attorneys have observed firsthand. They’re here to help clients avoid making them. We’ll get started!

The first thing to remember is that the most frequent mistake that most people commit is not allowing the other person to have access to the kids. A judge isn’t going to grant permission to a parent that does not help foster the bond between parent and child without a valid justification.

Another major error that one can make is talking negatively about parents who are not the same as the children. The reason for this is it can end up in court as evidence or even harm the child’s spirits. Doing nothing is not the most effective option for ensuring a successful custody battle.


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