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Implicit Bias in Policing –

Implicit bias refers to a person’s unconscious attitudes or thoughts toward the particular group. Implicit bias is evident as it pertains to gender, skin color, identities, or ethnicity. Police officers are subject to implicit bias. one of the most important areas to be considered as police officers are believed to be impartial and a part of the legal system. We will look at implicit biases in police work.

Implicit bias may arise from the environment we grow up. If you’re living in a place that’s relatively homogeneous it is possible that you will experience greater bias against other individuals. The bias is evident as a result of police policies and the way that they deal with the public. As a society, we must do what we can to get rid of this prejudice.

It is essential for police officers , in order to counter implicit bias. Through this course, they don’t just get to know about implicit bias, but they also learn to recognize that they’re committing it themselves. It’s hard to get rid of unconscious bias. But it can be identified and addressed.


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