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12 Casual Chic Home Decor Ideas – GLAMOUR HOME

Make your home look beautiful.
9) Add Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can help to create a romantic and inviting style to any room. When selecting lighting fixtures look at their appearance and their make. A lamp made from ceramic is stronger than one made out of plastic. Lampshades are the same. If there are a lot of lights in your house or are very large you should choose lampshade that are smaller in size or in quantity. You can also combine light sources that are natural and artificial. For example, installing lights with shades could help create a romantic ambiance in any dining and family space.

Lighting fixtures must fit in with the decor of your family or dining room. In the case of a dining room where the decor is very bright and colourful, look into using candles that are colorful and vivid colors.

10.) Think about the Furniture you will choose. Furniture

Your home can look inviting and comfortable when you add furnishings and accessories. If you’ve got many guests visiting your home including a large family, the dining or living rooms could soon become overcrowded. You can avoid this by having more seating. There are two optionsto consider: purchase extra tables and chairs or you can add seating existing furniture.

If your dining area or family area has lots of windows it is a good idea to add windows that look attractive and also comfortable to use. Curtains could be utilized to offer privacy, and also improve the appearance of windows.

The way furniture is incorporated depends on the way it’s designed and built. There are modern furniture, retro or vintage pieces in the case of a more casual design. The same goes for the family or dining room. If you’re looking for a country elegant, then you should consider pieces like rustic and antique furniture.

11.) Mix Textures

It is also possible to mix different textures to make casual chic decor. Anytime you mix textures, en


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