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How Air Conditioning Works – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

Is this how it works? How can it be a problem? AC Service is required. This video will explain the fundamentals of air conditioning in homes.

The following components play an crucial roles when it comes to cooling homes. Condensing units are located in the outside of the home. The unit houses the compressor, condenser and fan. The thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature of the air conditioner. The inside has an evaporator with an air compressor and meters.

In the event that the temperature rises over some threshold it will notify the AC unit to start. It will then pump the refrigerant through the system, absorbing the heat , and then transport it back to the condenser. When the condenser’s work is done and the compressor has finished, it sends the refrigerant to the outside.

The evaporator cools the air produced and the motor is able to pump it through pipework into your home. If anything goes wrong with the above processes then you must call the AC service.

You can find more details on the video by clicking the hyperlink.


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