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How Does Commercial Auto Insurance Work? – Sky Business News

If you’re taking a drive on the clock is the time to call an insurance agency that can provide commercial coverage. You don’t want to be accountable if the car accident happens on your watch. Thankfully, commercial insurance companies offer insurance for autos to business owners to protect the business owner from being held accountable in the event a worker or their vehicle is injured or is damaged.

Commercial auto insurance doesn’t simply provide protection in the event in the event of injury or damages. It also covers you if your company vehicle is taken as well as damaged intentionally caused by an external party. Weather damage can also be compensated if hail makes huge dents or trees gets on your car during the storm, or any other circumstance occurs.

It’s impossible to predict what could happen when employees are behind the wheel of a company vehicle. If someone is injured and you’re not in a position to control it, then you should not be held responsible. Make sure you take out commercial auto insurance with an insurance firm for businesses. You’ll be grateful you did! 8a78jkz8kf.

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