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Tips for a DIY Family Photoshoot at Home – Family Video Movies

It’s not worthwhile spending 20 minutes photographing only to find out nobody was around, or that your pictures were too dark or overexposed. Before beginning:

1. Everyone should be at the same spot.

2. Make sure you take handful of images to test the camera so you can adjust the camera’s settings for lighting as well as shutter speed and other settings before taking the photographs.

3. Once you’re happy with the settings, go into the frame to take all the other photos with your camera command.

The photography of children is best done by using only the finest techniques

Props are important when photographing children. A distraction by using props will keep them engaged long enough to get decent photos. Use props, such as candy canes and Santa hats as well as ornaments and wreaths.

Refreshments: A bite or two could be useful to calm a child who is upset.

Get a helper If it is possible, you could bring an adult friend or family member to assist you in taking photos.

If you’re not sure, opt for candid shots: it’s not always easy for children to sit still for long enough to get a snapshot. It’s much more challenging for them to smile easily. Only capture candid moments. Always keep your child engaged, with a smile and a good mood. Engaging in conversation and singing in the photo shoot results stunning photos.

Make sure to include pets in your photo shoot

Animals are part of your family with whom you share affection and memories, so why not include them in your photo album? Children also form friendships with their pets for the rest of their lives. These connections are important to remember. Make a photo of your closest friends, which you’ll keep for a long time.

Photographing with pets adds spontaneity to photos and makes kids feel more relaxed. Dogs love treats and other animals, like cats can be lured to them.


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