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Should I Get a Yearly Physical? Yes and Heres Why! – Free Health Videos

o decrease. A doctor might recommend several tests, depending on the root of the problem. To check for abnormal levels of testosterone, or for low testosterone in the first place, a physician will take a physical.

Before taking the blood test, the doctor could inquire about the individual’s health history as well as current medications. The blood test is performed by using a small needle. Prior to testing doctors may suggest that the patient stop taking prescription medications, such as androgen or estrogen therapy, as they might impact hormone levels.

4. Dental Check-up

If you’re wondering “should I schedule a once-a-year examination?’ Important to keep in mind that an annual examination will allow your dentist to determine whether there’s been modifications to your gums or teeth in the time since your last visit. It is important to detect the signs of decay or gum diseases early.

If you have had any dental treatment, the dentist will examine your current situation and assess if the treatment is still effective. Through this dental care allows you to ensure that your teeth continue to look fantastic. The second concern is “Should I schedule a annual examination?” A regular check-up with the dentist can also help to detect any oral cancer.

Though you’re probably aware of oral cancer but few know the extent to which it’s prevalent. Dental professionals or oral surgeons to pair a check-up with an oral cancer screening. If any family members are affected by cancer, it’s recommended to have this test once per annual basis.

5. Screening for cancer

For those who aren’t sure, “Should I have a annually scheduled health check-up?” It’s important to remember that the advantages of screening comes from reducing death from cancer through detecting cancer when it is more advanced and less


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