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All of the Services to Offer as a 24 Hour Hospital Vet Practice – Pet Magazine

it under general anesthesia. Cavity fillings and tooth extractions are usually performed while your pet is anesthetized. This allows for a simpler procedure for pets to undergo the procedure and is safer for veterinarian staff.
Cancer Treatment

Did you know that animals could develop cancer? Imagine your vet discovering the presence of a cancerous tumor in your pet. They are able to suggest and offer the most effective cancer treatment. Often, they use chemotherapy in combination with radiation therapy, and surgical procedures to halt the progression of cancer or eliminate cancer once and for all. Your vet will go over the most effective recovery strategies available with you. The vet will then design the most effective program that best meets your needs and best suits your pet.

Find a specialist in emergency dental care

The health of your pet’s teeth is essential. Dental disease can be fatal in both cats and dogs. Dental hygiene should be practiced when pets are still young. The vet will conduct a dental exam to assess if teeth cleaning is necessary. Sometimes, your vet might need to clean the teeth of your pet to get rid of periodontal tartar and plaque. This is done while the pet is under general anesthesia.

The pets can suffer fractures or severe gum injuries from accident. In such a case it is important to contact the vet right away. To determine if a dental extraction is necessary The vet will conduct an exam. The vet may suggest a CT scan or an X-ray scan to examine for hidden tooth or gum damage if they observe signs of lesions or abscesses, dental cavities or cracks. A dentist may suggest that a tooth be extracted in accordance with the examination findings.

Have Your Own Animal Control Team

Animal control specialists specialise in the recapture of lost pets as well as other wandering animal species. The team is also involved in the control of wildlife that is dangerous. They specialise in the field of animal rescue and investigations.


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