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How to Install Cellular Shades – Insurance Claim Letter


The right measurement is vital at the start, otherwise customers could end up with shades that are too large or insufficient for their windows. This way the installation process may begin before the customers have bought the shades. The process will be slightly different for the shades that are located on the inside and the outside of the window frame.

Installing the shades physically involves setting up metal brackets in the right location and employing them as support points to support the shades. Numerous cordless and cellular shades are equipped with brackets as part of their fitting kits. So, customers don’t need to purchase the brackets separately.

After taking the measurements required and then locating the ideal spot to put the brackets in, they can be attached to them with the screws and drill. The material that is used for windows’ frames could influence the process of installing the shade although it isn’t necessary to have any additional equipment. 18frk15bag.

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