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How DEF Fluids Work –

keeping your car running well. It is specifically a mixture of water and Urea that goes in your exhaust, which escapes via the exhaust pipe. This process turns potentially dangerous pollutants into pure air.

As you can see in the film, DEF fluid reacts with the filter as well as a DEF dose valve. The acronym stands for selective catalytic reduced, that is a high-tech emission control technology designed to cut down on exhaust emissions from the tailpipe. The exhaust gas is then processed through a filter before being it is filtered by the catalyst and then an air flow filter in which carbon particles are encased. The diesel oxidation catalyst turns the exhaust gas to nitrogen oxide. This happens because the nitrogen oxide reacts with the carbon, resulting in carbon dioxide. It is then water vapor that is released out of tailpipes rather than any pollutant that is harmful. Emissions are reduced to near zero during this process which DEF fluids are involved.

If you’re looking to find out more useful information regarding what DEF fluids are and what they’re useful for, you can go to the link we have linked above.


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