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How Do Nitrous Systems Actually Work? – Car Repair News for Foreign and Domestic

Hosts explain the process of forced ignition and the development of horsepower through nitrous systems. Researchers discovered that nitrous oxide enabled aircrafts to fly higher elevations post WWII. The world was able introduce nitrous oxide with no possibility of preignition through the creation of a Nitrous Oxide System. The release of more oxygen is achieved through injecting the Nitrous Oxide directly into the engine. It will stop the pinging effect and also increase performance.

Systems may use wet or dry injections to get the energy boost and can be configured for drivers to only use when they require to boost their power. The downside of the use with NOS, is it stresses engines above what is typical and adds the cost in addition to short blasts. When used properly the nitrous system is able to give vehicles an instant acceleration that could increase their odds of winning against another racer. This is the strategy used by racers in the wildly popular Fast and Furious movie franchise. To find out more about the concept, be certain to check out the video embedded in this article.


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