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Who is Allowed to Join a Golfing Country Club? – Health and Fitness Magazine

A certain type of person tends to be associated with the country club membership program, usually older people with high net worth. This is an outdated stereotype considering the number of golfers who are young. Although the vast majority of golfers are indeed older, does that require you to be a certain age to join any country club? The following video will address this question. We’ll start by learning the steps to take before joining a country club.

Anyone can become a member of a country club, provided they’ve the money. The initial costs for joining can be quite some money, while an ongoing membership could cost several thousand dollars a year to begin. Find your fellow golfers who belong to a club before you rush to join the very first one that you come across online. Make sure their location, tee times or financial restrictions, as well as the policies regarding children’s visits meet the requirements you are looking for.


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