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What Are the Benefits of Clear Aligners? – Dental Hygiene Association

you should look into you should think about clear aligners. Perhaps you’ve had braces recommended to you in the past , but felt they weren’t the best choice. If so you should read on to discover something more about how clear aligners may benefit you.

The aligners for your dental aren’t attached to your teeth, so they can be removed and eat whatever you’d like. It’s just a matter of cleaning your teeth before putting the aligners back on. You won’t be able to be able to see the aligners unless look closely.

The aligners should be worn all during the day and night, and you have only 4 hours for taking them off. This is when you should have food and drinks which aren’t liquids. Though it might seem as a lot of commitment it’s a good idea! If you adhere to the prescribed directions to aligners, you will notice an improvement in your smile.

Discuss with your dentist the possibilities for aligning your teeth when you visit them for your next appointment. Your dentist can assist you to determine the most appropriate treatment. Learn in this video some more details about aligners .


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