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What to Look for Before You Sign a Home Remodeling Contractors Contract – Life Cover Guide

It’s a huge undertaking, therefore it’s important to begin on the proper foot. A strong contract with the contractor in place can make an impact. Five key points to remember before signing a contract for your home remodel contractor. An extensive scope of project is the very first aspect to look at. It provides all the facts you’ll need regarding all the activities engaged in during the construction.

A third aspect to be scrutinized is the comprehensive list of the products to be included. You must ensure that the agreement covers every item that will be used during the renovation.

Next, you need to be sure your rights are maintained in the event of any unexpected events. Fourthly, it is important to verify information regarding the warranty process and the way it functions. Another item in this list is retention language. This is basically a small amount of money which the contractor has to pay in order to guarantee that the construction project is completed.


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