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How Schools Perpetuate Racial Bias With Their Curriculum – Quotes On Education

eo shows how this has continued in schools across the United States over the past few several decades. The complicated story of America is embedded into education curriculum in order to promote the successes of whites. Students are not able to see the full picture of race, which perpetuates prejudices based on race either subconsciously or unconsciously.

Insufficient time is one of principal reasons why schools could have a bias against different races. The curriculum, for instance contains only one full month specifically devoted to teaching the history of African-Americans. Lessons don’t cover deeper topics, like the background of slavery as well as civil rights. So, the pupils receive an insignificant amount of educational instruction on black history. It is in stark contrast with historical studies taught in white in schools.

Second, curriculum materials also perpetuate racial bias in schools. Most of the study materials students are provided with aren’t clear or accurate view of the history and circumstances of African-Americans. Information and understanding are readily available to youngsters’ fingertips, the discrimination based on race in the classroom is now evident to students more than ever. Students, teachers and the general population are seeking ways to curb racial imbalances in the curriculum.

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