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Should I Get a Yearly Physical? Yes and Heres Why! – Free Health Videos


When the soft voices are heard through your headphones, you’ll be required to repeat what’s been said. This test takes place within a space that is noise-free since certain people might have trouble hearing background noises. A hearing assessment isn’t an assessment that’s pass or fail. However, it can determine how much hearing lost as well as whether you are suffering from hearing loss on the same or both ears.

2. Eye Examination

Individuals with exceptional vision typically request an eye exam every year. Eye exams not only examines your vision but also evaluates the health of the eyes. We spend a lot of hours in front of our phones or computers in the technological age.

The excessive use of screens can lead to digital eye strain. Some symptoms include dry eyes and blurry vision. Although the signs don’t cause lasting damage to the eyes, they could be a problem when using the computer. It is possible to conduct a checkup to decide if glasses may be needed to protect the eyes.

Eye exams can be used to help you get prescription glasses. Eye symptoms from many diseases that can result in blindness, like the age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma may not be apparent to the patient until significant damage occurs. Regular eye exams enable the eye doctor to spot eye problems before they become serious enough to initiate treatment.

A physician can detect early signs of chronic disease, issue updates on prescriptions and address the problem of digital eye strain. Some of these include cancer diabetic, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

3. Testosterone Test

The hormone can be measured in blood. Both men and women need testosterone. But, for men it’s the primary testosterone hormone for sex. It helps in sperm production.


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