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How to Wire a C13 Plug – CEE News

to wire how to connect a C13 plug? This video demonstrates how to wire the IEC secure C13 connection to the power. They go through this process in a step-by-step manner and explain to us everything we need to complete to wire the connector successfully. He states that he is working on this project specifically to a specific customer. He is creating it a 50′ power cable. The client actually asked for particular components that he’s using.

Only professionals can handle this kind of work, particularly if they don’t have any previous experience working with wires. A professional’s help will guarantee your safety and ensure that you will be safe when making use of this wire. You will need certain equipment to complete the project. The picture shows him using an electric wire stripper for cutting the ends of the wiring protector so that he will make an electrical connection between parts. Then, you’ll need both wires hooked up to each with each other. It is a critical step.

For the complete procedure of wiring the locked IL13 and reconfigurable C13 IEC connector to the 16/3 SJEOOW cable go through the whole video!


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