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The CN Towers Incredibly Terrifying Glass Floor – Travel Video

This architectural marvel towers above the sky. It’s sleek and thin. It towers above that of the Toronto skyline. The observatory deck is located near the top. It is even the possibility of a restaurant. In this video, we will find out more information about what is known as the CN tower.

After getting your tickets, you will take an elevator that will take you to the observatory deck. The elevator moves at a speed of 15 miles an hour. It is possible to reach the deck in less than a minute. The deck measures 346 metres up in the air,, which is about the height of 114 stories in a building. It’s amazing to look at the view from this observation deck. This view is surpassed only by one particular feature.

People who have a fear of heights have been told to not gaze down. This is a one of the attractions at the CN Tower. The observation deck there are floor panels made of glass which allow guests to gaze at the ground from 114 feet up. This can be both amazing and frightening at the simultaneously. The glass is capable of enduring much more stress than typical windows. If you’re looking to replace windows for your shop take into consideration getting storefront window replacements from a skilled professional.


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